SipPulse is a software company dedicated to routing, billing and security solutions for SIP.  Our market focus is on Internet Telephony Service Providers, Call Centers and any other company requiring high volume of transactions and precise billing. 

Our Soft-Switch is capable to support telephony operations using pre-paid, post-paid, reseller, multi-domain and anti-fraud operations. We can support hundreds of thousands of users and at least 10 million minutes per month using real-time billing. 

Our main products are the SipPulse Starter Pack, all-in-one solution for companies up to 500.000 minutes per month and Hosted PBX. We can also provide hosted services powered by Amazon Web Services with redundant databases and active-active operation. 

SipPulse was created in 2007 as a spinoff of the V.Office Group founded in 1996

SipPulse in 10 min

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